Web Sites

Terrier Solutions is not a Graphic Design and/or Marketing organization. That probably surprises you given the sizzle and glitz of our own web site.  However, this doesn’t mean we cannot help you with your Web Site initiative.

If what you want is a site that is visually stunning and/or you’re looking for a resource that can help you with branding or marketing or help you present your message in a creative way, I suggest you check out the sites done by Max Haynes.  His work is great, and he is fast and reasonable.

If what you want is a site that is more basic (at least in appearance) and you already have the artwork and words developed, Terrier Solutions can handle that directly.  If you want the site where you can maintain the content or restrict access to some content based on a user login, that’s no problem either. If you want a site developed that performs some business function (processes something, calculates something, interacts with some other system, etc.), we generally call that a web application. It’s a bigger deal in terms of time and cost, but it’s still within our wheelhouse.

If your project is somewhere in between what I’ve described above (or a combination of the two), you can contact either Max Haynes or Terrier Solutions.  One of us will take the lead and draw on the expertise of the other to deliver the complete solution. While at times I think the two of us are from different planets, we seem to play well together.

In all cases, we can provide a turn-key solution that has your site up and running on an appropriate hosting service.  We won’t leave you asking yourself, “okay, so now what do I do with it?”