Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Virtualization and Cloud Computing may be able to save your organization a considerable amount of money. Through effective use of the products and services that fall under the term “Cloud Computing”, many smaller businesses are able to eliminate the need for an on-site server. Even companies with needs that require it to have their own server can often improve productivity and security by utilizing cloud-based services for important functions such as email and backup.

Most people traditionally associate the word Server with a single, physical piece of equipment. In the past, if your organization had multiple servers, you had multiple physical “boxes.” Such an approach generally leads to situatons where you end up with several “boxes”, all requiring maintenance, all having their own separate means of redundancy, all having their own backup power systems, and all being a depreciating asset you probably need to replace every 3 to 5 years.

Host Virtualization allows you to combine multiple servers into a single physical box (the host). The benefits to this approach are numerous and include:

  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Lower initial hardware costs
  • Better utilization of resources.
  • Faster and easier disaster recovery
  • Increased flexibility

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