Advanced System Monitoring and Automated Maintenance

Ever wonder if there is something you should be doing to make sure your computers are working properly?

If not, you should be. Your business has quite likely become dependent on computers. If they aren’t operating efficiently then neither is your business. Also, proactive monitoring of your computers can often times identify a problem before it becomes something serious.

Traditionally, comprehensive and reliable remote computer monitoring services have been provided as part of expensive, “managed services” plans. While these plans make sense for many businesses, they are over-kill for many small business. This is becoming even more the case as small businesses move more of their key services to cloud based providers. For these businesses, the important need is to ensure the computers (and server(s) if you have them) in the office;

  • Are operating efficiently and malware free,
  • Have the latest security patches installed,
  • Aren’t showing indications of an impending hardware issues.

Our remote monitoring service is designed for offices with as few as a single computer on up to businesses with multiple servers and dozens of workstations spread across multiple locations.

Even if you have your own “Computer Person” on-staff or on-call, you can still benefit from the Terrier Solutions Remote Monitoring and Maintenance service as we can provide a plan where your person is notified when there is an issue.

With Terrier Solutions Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Services (RMMS), your computers (and servers and website and key network hardware) are monitored 24×7. If an issue is identified, we’ll alert you (or your “Computer Person”). If you don’t have a computer person, we will contact you if/when an issue arises to discuss your options. If it turns out you want us to resolve the issue, we will do so on a time and materials basis. If it turns out you have a complicated system and you require regular outside assistance (some things really are complicated and seem to have more issues), we can be your “Computer Guy” and we’ll work up an agreement where you get our services at a significant discount.

What all is included in our RMMS package? The basic package includes the following:

  • 24×7 monitoring of workstations and/or servers. Our system is working around the clock to make sure all key services are operating normally, and monitoring your hardware for any indications of an impending problem.
  • Patch/update management. Your system is routinely scanned to make sure all critical updates are installed. If they aren’t, we’ll install them automatically at a scheduled time that works for you.
  • Scheduled maintenance. On a regular basis (typically weekly), we’ll perform a system “tune-up” to ensure your computers continue to operate efficiently.

Do you really need a RMMS service? Probably not. But do understand the stuff we’re talking about here is something you really should be doing through some means.  You could do all of this yourself (or internally) if you really wanted to. But you (or your staff) hopefully have better things to do that have a greater impact on the success of your business.

Really, this is all pretty boring and mundane stuff. That’s why we’ve automated it and provide it to you as a service. We also have a little bit of an edge over you doing this yourself in that we bring our years of experience to the table — allowing us to apply our expertise to the tailoring of the RMMS to your business and being able to expertly help resolve things should issues arise.

Interested?  Contact Terrier Solutions for more information.